THIS LIST WILL BE UPDATING include MANY more rifle and shotgun patterns to duplicate your next stock (see partial list below)!  You may choose from our selection of blanks or you may use your own blank and let us semi-inlet your gunstock on our pantograph. Feel free to call us at (208) 549-1323 if you don't see what you're looking for...we just might have it. Patterns listed below are available in the style and wood grade of your choice, see our "Styles" page for info and photos. We are currently about 8 weeks out on stock orders, so call us today to get on the list.

 Rifle Patterns:

Anschutz 64

Brno 602 

Browning (avail. in 22 and Auto Rifle)

Carbine M1 (Military)

Garand M1A1

Howa  short action

Kimber 22

Krag 30-40 

Marlin (avail. in: 917, 44, 22, 336, 917, 85, 60)

Martini Cadet

Mauser (avail. in: 93-96', 98', Siamese, Turkish, Mexican, Argentine, Zastava old, Fabrication Nat'l (FN), Mark X, Charles Daly, Remington 798,  Zastava new (2012), and Mini Mauser. Limited left hand actions available. Bottom plates vary... be sure to specify.


Remington (avail. in: Model 12, 700 short-action or long action (right or left hand), 700 blind mag, 798, 511.)

Ruger (avail. in: 10/22, Mini 14, 77 standard action right and left hand, 77 long action left hand, and MK2 left hand.)

Sako (avail. in: 222, L579, L461, A1, L61)

Savage (avail. in: 110 long, right or left hand, 99)


Springfield 03 

Thompson Center


Winchester  (avail. in: M70 pre '64, new M70 post '64, M71, 650 long action, 100, 88, 22, 73,  92 / 94 rifle and high wall with octagon or round barrel choices)



Shotgun Patterns:

Beretta 687 or 12 gauge over/under

Browning (avail. in: superposed, 12 gauge or 14 gauge, 22 Auto, 410 over/under, and Citori 12 gauge over/under)

Fox (avail. in: 12 gauge, Sterlingworth, and straight hand)

Ithaca (avail. in: side by side, 20 gauge Flues Model)

LC Smith (avail. in: 20 gauge / ejector, and 20 gauge featherweight 12/16)

Lefever (16 or 20 gauge)

Mossberg 500

Parker (20 gauge, w/ or w/out O frame)

Piottti over/under

Remington (avail. in: side by side, 1100, 870, 12C, 22 auto, 742, 742 semi auto, Model 11, Model 12, and XP 100)

Ruger (avail. in: Red Label, and #1)

Savage 24, 311


Stevens (double barrel, 94C, or Stevens Favorite)

Winchester (avail. in: 37 / 410, 42, 97, M12, and M42)

(208) 549-1323